OHNO it’s a month late.

The reading calendar year starts in July. I don’t know whyyyy it starts in Julyyyy–yes, I do. It starts in July because I started keeping my reading log in July, so the yearly count of books goes from July to July.

At my library the fiscal year goes from July 1 to June 30, so these things are naturally in sync. I’m beginning a blog a month late to be right on the starting line of the new year. But it’s been a busy month. There have been 20+ books logged already, and I’m on vacation next week and taking an exorbitant number of books along.

Additionally, I will be taking an iPad, and there will be 10 active titles in my Oyster app (and some in iBooks, and Overdrive, but these are of far lesser importance). Oyster. I can request almost any book and have it delivered to my library. I order books every month for this community (key words: for this community, not for myself). There are tons of great books at home waiting to be read. But I would give up both Netflix and Amazon Prime before I would give up Oyster.

So there will be book talk when I get back! There isn’t really much now, because…well…this is the “get a post up so there’s at least something when you get back” post. And no one’s going to read it.

Before leaving, I am going to finish Earthworm Gods by Brian Keene, which may be able to be shoehorned into a review, because there is a cool gay character therein. I wonder if she will live. Probably not. What does it say about me that I tried valiantly to read Hild, and failed, but am having no problem with Earthworm Gods and romance-y fluff like In Every Cloud (Tina Michele; next Lesbrary review; fun fun fun)? Why am I asking myself rhetorical questions? And boring ones, at that? Because there are fewer than three hours separating me from a week off. That is why.


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