LATE it’s a theme.

The best kinds of deadlines are reading deadlines. Usually. They’re better than baking deadlines, or party-readying deadlines, both of which I am also currently under. But reading deadlines. Right now I have a firm one for a requested review, a soft one for one of my favorite people’s books, and a semi-firm one for a monthly review thingie.

But Oyster is dying at the end of January, and there are books to finish there, too. Also: a new Shirley Jackson collection. This is worth checking out. There’s a piece on The Toast¬†from its copy editor, too, which is different from¬†Shirley Jackson’s House Hunters, which is my favorite of The Toast’s Shirley Jackson-related pieces. It is not coincidentally by Mallory Ortberg.

It is Halloween. (The whole month is Halloween.) If you have not read Locke & Key, do! I finally finished it, having drawn it out over a really really long time, and also, a short but horrifying read is Through the Woods by Emily Carroll. This title is on the Maine Student Book Awards list for this year, a list with books that are ostensibly for grades 4-8. No WAY is this book for fourth- or fifth-grade students. Although, maybe it is. I had a seventh-grade zombie maven read it, and he wasn’t scared at all; however, he’s a little blunted when it comes to horror. Anyone sensitive to nuance…yes, they might have problems. This is so short! I have students in here today who need help! One of them was book dowsing and gave me a concussion. #halloween #msba #bookdowsing #thetoast #shirleyjackson #seriouslytoooldforhashtags